Sunday, 15 December 2013

LEVEL 10 - Holographic Zoetrope

LEVEL 10 - Budget £512

One idea would be to make 10 duplicated infinity mirrors (like level 7) for £50 each and sell them for £100 in time for Xmas so more people can get involved and the prices stay low. That would be a good strategy but not really pushing the boundaries and playing it a bit safe. I think I may do the duplicate idea in later levels. please leave comments if you think I should start making multiples or if you think I should try create one artwork per level, I'm interested to know what you think.

Meanwhile Disco Kid escaped again, Tsk. Level 4 Nathan contacted me to tell me he had just seen him playing keyboards with Pet Shop Boys on the Jonathan Ross Show. I watched channel 4 +1 and took some photos for proof. Blimming 'eck, that Disco Kid gets around eh? Cheeky fecker!

Holographic Zoetrope

 For level 10 I have decided to combine a hologram with a zoetrope. Its a big gamble and If it doesnt work the project could end at the half way point. If it does work then I may of created a world first animating hologram.

I started by creating the hologram. To do this I made a simple 3D model of a spiral made from cubes, each with a slightly different rotation angle to the next. 

Luckily the digital hologram  company  had a 50% sale and I was able to buy a 18 x 18 inch hologram half price. It was normally $1000 but I got it for $500. it took quite a few weeks to get the hologram sorted.

I went to Maplins on Gloucester Rd and bought a cheap Ion record deck for £35 (was reduced from £45).

Then I went to Bishopston hardware which has loads of useful bits and pieces. I bought bolts, nuts, washers,  velcro tape, black doorstops, hinges and rubber feet. 

Another shop on Gloucester Rd I visited was PK Music Exchange they have  lot of second hand music gear and records. I bought a  used mini strobe for £10 It was very bright for its size and had speed control. When I got it home I sprayed the casing black. 

 I asked Niche Frames in Stokes Croft to make special box frame for the HZ. They had a special laser cut perspex top made and it looks the business. Thanks to Joe, Pete and Rupert for their help.
I stripped down the record deck so it was just the casing and the turntable working. 
It plays 33,45 and 78 RPM. 
I then bolted it into the frame with the wingnuts. and added a power supply.
I bolted the rubber door stops and large washers to the turntable to raise the hologram up over the existing tone arm mount and wingnuts. 

Velcro tape connects the hologram to the turntable making it easy to attach and remove.
(note: you can replace with future hologram zoetropes, hmmm:)
I add hinges and a magnetic catch so the box can be propped open and neatly closed.
I also add small rubber feat to each corner.

I have never seen an animating hologram before and its pretty mind blowing. The cubes are spinning and rising upwards to over a foot above the box and looking down they create a tunnel rising from deep below.

heres a vine clip that doesnt do it justice, you have to see it as its 3D.

 Im going to create a soundtrack for this hologram.. So whoever buys it can put on the CD and have an ambient electronic 3D sculptural soundscape experience.


FOR SALE £ 1024


 Im glad to say Disco Kid is back at the Chocolate Bar Watford where he belongs. My school friends from Chase Side Primary had a reunion drink there last week, unfortunately I couldnt make it but they sent me a photo. Sorry I didnt make it guys. Neil, Penny, Emma, Elliot and Louise (taking photo). x

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