Saturday, 8 February 2014

OOM LEVEL 10 Holographic Zoetrope SOLD!

I met a friend Seth at the 40th Birthday party of Level 1 Marcus.(What a Party!) Seth said he was interested in buying the hologram but he would obviously need to see it. Seth lives in Brighton and luckily I had a meeting down that way so I took the artwork with me . He had said that he would like to hang it on a wall in his house so before I left I adapted the turntable to work vertically and I took it down to Niche Frames to get some glass fitted to it. The glass made a big difference and the piece had a very slick precise finish.On Friday I went to Seths work and set it up. Seth said he would buy it which made me very happy. We discussed different ways to illuminate it. I came up with an idea of extending the front of the strobe and adding a lense thus making into a sort of strobe spotlight the will focus onto the hologram from the ceiling.

Seth and I went down to the local bank cashpoint, he put the card in the slot and it just dropped straight through "OH F%CK!" Seth exclaimed. This was not good. Suddenly a muffled voice could be heard from inside " saying something like. "Oi, Im fixing the machine ill come out and give it to you." a couple of minutes later the card was poked back through the slot to our relief and made us laugh. Luckily the next machine along was working fine.

Back at the office Seth hands me £1024 in cash. I tell Seth he is now a member of the OOM club.

Nice one Seth!!

I sign the side of the artwork,

Orders Of Magnitude
Level 10
7th February 2014
Stuart Warren-Hill

Will work on adapting the strobe and get him to send me some pics once he has it installed in his home.I also want to make a special Level 10 soundscape CD to listen to while viewing the Artwork.
This will be a one off disc for Seth to keep.

Ill add some stats soon as we have completed half of the challenge.

Hmmm I wonder what I'll make next?

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