Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Back to the Square and Compass

I decided to make an effort to sell the last Kaleidatrons, I have 30 left and what better place than at the Square and Compass in Worth Matravers, Dorset where it all began.

Chilled Cider is always a very nice get together and its free entry. Great Cider combined with good tunes. The sun was shining which was a bonus, Cider in the sunshine and a fascinating Fossil museum in the pub. After setting up some impromptu Optikinetics Solar 250 psychedelic projectors for fun in the main DJ room I set up the Kaleidatrons and demoed all evening on the first night and managed to sell 5 of them so big thanks to those who purchased. The second day was great when everyone I was having lunch with at The Castle Inn bought them too so sold another 6. This really made my day. So I only have 18 left if your interested in buying one of the last remaining Kaleidatrons please get in touch. https://www.facebook.com/OrdersofMagnitude/ https://stuartwarrenhill.com/orders-of-magnitude/

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Kaleidatrons on sale at COLAB Gloucester Rd Bristol.

We are still trying to complete level 12 we have a few Kaleidatrons left for sale at COLAB on Gloucester rd, Bristol BS7

Or they are available through eBay at http://r.ebay.com/qwvQUB

Monday, 16 November 2015

OOM LEVEL 12 - Kaleidatron x 100

 Ive made a new website for all my projects: stuartwarrenhill.com. you can access my creative projects there. OOM, Holotronica, Hexstatic and Holo-Gauze.

I decided to go multiple for this level. I have made 100 Kaleidatrons with the £2048 Jason Bradbury paid me. I hit the budget pretty much exactly and now I have to sell each one for £40.96p available Here on Ebay (£45 to cover ebay charge).  A kaleidatron allows you to paint with light and create amazing kaleidoscope tailback psychedelic patterns. You can change the angle of the mirrors to change the amount of reflections in the image. I recomend playing music with the lights off for full effect!

Here is a video I made, I created an electro track and edited crazy patterns to fit the music.

Be careful playing with lasers !

Orders Of Magnitude
Level 12
Kaleidatron x 100

For Sale £45 each  + P&P

Buy it here on Ebay ...  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/291618088443


Wednesday, 3 June 2015

OOM LEVEL 11 SOLD - Jason Bradbury Of Channel 5's Gadget Show!

I was lucky enough to be asked to go on the Channel 5 Gadget show to use my Hologram effect Holo-Gauze for the Ultimate Selfie Challenge. We filmed the interview and screen at the Cube Cinema in Bristol with TV show presenter Jason Bradbury.

Everything went well and while I was having lunch with Jason and the crew I told Jason about the Orders of Magnitude Challenge. I told him how I was in Level 11 now and had a new invention for sale the 'Holotrope' Jason thought it was a great idea and said he would buy it!. I was extremely pleased as you can imagine.

I then spent a few weeks making the Holotrope work better with the help of LLewelin Gears who are next door to the Cube Cinema. They were able to supply a larger more powerful motor and a specially made flange to connect the hologram to the motor spindle.

I had Niche frames make me a deeper frame for the piece and I put it together.

I delivered the Holotrope to Jason at his agents offices in the West End of London. I was so pleased that he bought it. he told me he wanted to pick it up in his Delorian Time machine(replica) but realised it wasn't road taxed!!! Now that would of been amazing!.

Jason sent me a pic of the Holotrope on his wall at home in Twickenham next to his Robots!

I have £2048 now to spend as my Budget for Level 12. I have decided to go multiple for this next level.

Ill be announcing the next level very soon so stay tuned!!

Orders of Magnitude Level 11


Sold £2048
30th April 2015

Monday, 20 October 2014


Apologies for the long delay I have been very busy with my other projects releasing the 3D album Holotronica and the Holo-Gauze screen I invented has been officially launched and is taking off. more info at www.holotronica.com
For OOM Level 11 I decided to create a larger version of the previous Holographic Zoetrope. This time its 24 inches wide rather than 18 and I want to do something that is more advanced and refined.
I looked on the internet and found a useful video explaining how to use magnets and a read switch to trigger an LED in time with the rotation of the hologram. There is also a description of how to create a focusing tool which allows a potentiometer to control the duration of the flash so you can prevent blurring and get a focussed bright image. you can see the video here... MAKE A HIGH TECH ZOETROPE

I also wanted to make the frame less deep and use a small motor rather than mounting a record deck like the last one. I had a new digital hologram made at Zebra Imaging in Texas. basically the same as before but I made the cubes as wireframe.

The hologram arrived and looks amazing you can see clearly through the cubes to the cubes behind and because the hologram is so large the cube wireframe lines are much higher res than I was expecting.

I decided to get the Hologram Laser cut as its best that its circular. Michelle who helped laser cut the black perspex on the last level helped again. she has access to a very powerful laser cutter.

Wow! 200 Watt Laser
To put this in perspective a high power laser you get at a dance event would be around 1 watt.

Michelle create a circular path for the laser with dedicated software

Then lined up the hologram

I was quite nervous. The hologram company told me that they had never laser cut a hologram before and to let them know how it goes. This project will end if this went wrong and we destroy a £1000 hologram.


The Hologram was cut perfectly to the millimetre. I was very impressed and happy!

I had a frame specially made at Niche frames again with specially low reflective glass.

 I exhibited the OOM project along with my other projects at Kinetica Art Fair Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1, London 17th -19th October 2014. I printed and mounted out all of the levels and displayed them along with the rules and map of OOM. The story unfolded around the stand and at the end you arrive at Level 11 with a sign saying. 'You Are Here' and a question mark where the buyers pic should be. For Sale £2048. The hologram was spinning inside the frame at 30rpm. I had a strobe mounted on the ceiling and it created an animation of cubes rotating outwards towards the viewer.

I had a brilliant response from the hundreds of people who came. It was exclusively on offer to Kinetica attendees and there was also a glimpse of whats to come in Level 12. Big Thanks to Tracie and Matt for helping out it was a great weekend.

Level 11 didn't sell so is still available.
Contact me if you want to buy it

(Holographic Zoetrope)

Size 700 x 700 mm



Sunday, 2 March 2014

OOM Stats and Map 50% Completed

So here we are, I'm half way. 10 out of 20 levels completed . The project starts to get very interesting now as the money starts to escalate fast and therfor the artworks will in theory get exponentially more elaborate.

Im not sure how much longer I can keep making one piece at a time there will be a time when I'll have to start making multiples but for now I'm sticking to my guns.

I have had so much positive feedback about this project so thank you to everyone who has followed it and taken part.. Please tell your friends they could become a part of this and invest in some interesting creations that one day may be worth many times what they are being sold for here....

LEVEL10 Strobe Gun

I want to introduce you to Alex Relph who is a friend from London who now lives in Frome, Wiltshire. Alex has a metalwork workshop/studio where he makes bespoke metal sculptures, furniture and well anything you require as long as its, well, metal. I needed his help converting the strobe that I had for Level 10. As you remember the strobe needed to be focused on the Holographic Zoetrope rather than lighting the whole room.

We started by taking a sheet of thin steel and cutting it which produced a nice fireworks display.

Then he bent it into shape.

He then riveted a base plate

and we screwed it to the strobe. I was happy and  In return I gave Alex a copy of the Holotronica album in CD/DVD format with a couple of pairs of anaglyph 3D glasses. he was happy with this and he thought it was amazing after seeing it. The album btw official release is April 14th. This blog is becoming a vehicle for plugging the album, I didn't intend this its just become a happy accident.

I sprayed the strobe black and inserted a fresnel lense in the front. I cut the lense from a reading magnifying glass that I bought while with Seth in Brighton.

I have dropped off the strobe with Seth and I look forward to see a photo of it set up in situe. Ill post that when I get it.

You can check Alex Relph's work out on his website, he's very good. http://www.alexrelph.co.uk/

Saturday, 8 February 2014

OOM LEVEL 10 Holographic Zoetrope SOLD!

I met a friend Seth at the 40th Birthday party of Level 1 Marcus.(What a Party!) Seth said he was interested in buying the hologram but he would obviously need to see it. Seth lives in Brighton and luckily I had a meeting down that way so I took the artwork with me . He had said that he would like to hang it on a wall in his house so before I left I adapted the turntable to work vertically and I took it down to Niche Frames to get some glass fitted to it. The glass made a big difference and the piece had a very slick precise finish.On Friday I went to Seths work and set it up. Seth said he would buy it which made me very happy. We discussed different ways to illuminate it. I came up with an idea of extending the front of the strobe and adding a lense thus making into a sort of strobe spotlight the will focus onto the hologram from the ceiling.

Seth and I went down to the local bank cashpoint, he put the card in the slot and it just dropped straight through "OH F%CK!" Seth exclaimed. This was not good. Suddenly a muffled voice could be heard from inside " saying something like. "Oi, Im fixing the machine ill come out and give it to you." a couple of minutes later the card was poked back through the slot to our relief and made us laugh. Luckily the next machine along was working fine.

Back at the office Seth hands me £1024 in cash. I tell Seth he is now a member of the OOM club.

Nice one Seth!!

I sign the side of the artwork,

Orders Of Magnitude
Level 10
7th February 2014
Stuart Warren-Hill

Will work on adapting the strobe and get him to send me some pics once he has it installed in his home.I also want to make a special Level 10 soundscape CD to listen to while viewing the Artwork.
This will be a one off disc for Seth to keep.

Ill add some stats soon as we have completed half of the challenge.

Hmmm I wonder what I'll make next?

Sunday, 15 December 2013

LEVEL 10 - Holographic Zoetrope

LEVEL 10 - Budget £512

One idea would be to make 10 duplicated infinity mirrors (like level 7) for £50 each and sell them for £100 in time for Xmas so more people can get involved and the prices stay low. That would be a good strategy but not really pushing the boundaries and playing it a bit safe. I think I may do the duplicate idea in later levels. please leave comments if you think I should start making multiples or if you think I should try create one artwork per level, I'm interested to know what you think.

Meanwhile Disco Kid escaped again, Tsk. Level 4 Nathan contacted me to tell me he had just seen him playing keyboards with Pet Shop Boys on the Jonathan Ross Show. I watched channel 4 +1 and took some photos for proof. Blimming 'eck, that Disco Kid gets around eh? Cheeky fecker!

Holographic Zoetrope

 For level 10 I have decided to combine a hologram with a zoetrope. Its a big gamble and If it doesnt work the project could end at the half way point. If it does work then I may of created a world first animating hologram.

I started by creating the hologram. To do this I made a simple 3D model of a spiral made from cubes, each with a slightly different rotation angle to the next. 

Luckily the digital hologram  company  had a 50% sale and I was able to buy a 18 x 18 inch hologram half price. It was normally $1000 but I got it for $500. it took quite a few weeks to get the hologram sorted.

I went to Maplins on Gloucester Rd and bought a cheap Ion record deck for £35 (was reduced from £45).

Then I went to Bishopston hardware which has loads of useful bits and pieces. I bought bolts, nuts, washers,  velcro tape, black doorstops, hinges and rubber feet. 

Another shop on Gloucester Rd I visited was PK Music Exchange they have  lot of second hand music gear and records. I bought a  used mini strobe for £10 It was very bright for its size and had speed control. When I got it home I sprayed the casing black. 

 I asked Niche Frames in Stokes Croft to make special box frame for the HZ. They had a special laser cut perspex top made and it looks the business. Thanks to Joe, Pete and Rupert for their help.
I stripped down the record deck so it was just the casing and the turntable working. 
It plays 33,45 and 78 RPM. 
I then bolted it into the frame with the wingnuts. and added a power supply.
I bolted the rubber door stops and large washers to the turntable to raise the hologram up over the existing tone arm mount and wingnuts. 

Velcro tape connects the hologram to the turntable making it easy to attach and remove.
(note: you can replace with future hologram zoetropes, hmmm:)
I add hinges and a magnetic catch so the box can be propped open and neatly closed.
I also add small rubber feat to each corner.

I have never seen an animating hologram before and its pretty mind blowing. The cubes are spinning and rising upwards to over a foot above the box and looking down they create a tunnel rising from deep below.

heres a vine clip that doesnt do it justice, you have to see it as its 3D.

 Im going to create a soundtrack for this hologram.. So whoever buys it can put on the CD and have an ambient electronic 3D sculptural soundscape experience.


FOR SALE £ 1024

Contact stuart@hexstatic.tv

 Im glad to say Disco Kid is back at the Chocolate Bar Watford where he belongs. My school friends from Chase Side Primary had a reunion drink there last week, unfortunately I couldnt make it but they sent me a photo. Sorry I didnt make it guys. Neil, Penny, Emma, Elliot and Louise (taking photo). x