Monday, 20 October 2014


Apologies for the long delay I have been very busy with my other projects releasing the 3D album Holotronica and the Holo-Gauze screen I invented has been officially launched and is taking off. more info at
For OOM Level 11 I decided to create a larger version of the previous Holographic Zoetrope. This time its 24 inches wide rather than 18 and I want to do something that is more advanced and refined.
I looked on the internet and found a useful video explaining how to use magnets and a read switch to trigger an LED in time with the rotation of the hologram. There is also a description of how to create a focusing tool which allows a potentiometer to control the duration of the flash so you can prevent blurring and get a focussed bright image. you can see the video here... MAKE A HIGH TECH ZOETROPE

I also wanted to make the frame less deep and use a small motor rather than mounting a record deck like the last one. I had a new digital hologram made at Zebra Imaging in Texas. basically the same as before but I made the cubes as wireframe.

The hologram arrived and looks amazing you can see clearly through the cubes to the cubes behind and because the hologram is so large the cube wireframe lines are much higher res than I was expecting.

I decided to get the Hologram Laser cut as its best that its circular. Michelle who helped laser cut the black perspex on the last level helped again. she has access to a very powerful laser cutter.

Wow! 200 Watt Laser
To put this in perspective a high power laser you get at a dance event would be around 1 watt.

Michelle create a circular path for the laser with dedicated software

Then lined up the hologram

I was quite nervous. The hologram company told me that they had never laser cut a hologram before and to let them know how it goes. This project will end if this went wrong and we destroy a £1000 hologram.


The Hologram was cut perfectly to the millimetre. I was very impressed and happy!

I had a frame specially made at Niche frames again with specially low reflective glass.

 I exhibited the OOM project along with my other projects at Kinetica Art Fair Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1, London 17th -19th October 2014. I printed and mounted out all of the levels and displayed them along with the rules and map of OOM. The story unfolded around the stand and at the end you arrive at Level 11 with a sign saying. 'You Are Here' and a question mark where the buyers pic should be. For Sale £2048. The hologram was spinning inside the frame at 30rpm. I had a strobe mounted on the ceiling and it created an animation of cubes rotating outwards towards the viewer.

I had a brilliant response from the hundreds of people who came. It was exclusively on offer to Kinetica attendees and there was also a glimpse of whats to come in Level 12. Big Thanks to Tracie and Matt for helping out it was a great weekend.

Level 11 didn't sell so is still available.
Contact me if you want to buy it

(Holographic Zoetrope)

Size 700 x 700 mm



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  1. ooooh, that sounds amazing Stuart. well done, hope it sells. Wish I was back in London to see it… next time ;)