Wednesday, 3 June 2015

OOM LEVEL 11 SOLD - Jason Bradbury Of Channel 5's Gadget Show!

I was lucky enough to be asked to go on the Channel 5 Gadget show to use my Hologram effect Holo-Gauze for the Ultimate Selfie Challenge. We filmed the interview and screen at the Cube Cinema in Bristol with TV show presenter Jason Bradbury.

Everything went well and while I was having lunch with Jason and the crew I told Jason about the Orders of Magnitude Challenge. I told him how I was in Level 11 now and had a new invention for sale the 'Holotrope' Jason thought it was a great idea and said he would buy it!. I was extremely pleased as you can imagine.

I then spent a few weeks making the Holotrope work better with the help of LLewelin Gears who are next door to the Cube Cinema. They were able to supply a larger more powerful motor and a specially made flange to connect the hologram to the motor spindle.

I had Niche frames make me a deeper frame for the piece and I put it together.

I delivered the Holotrope to Jason at his agents offices in the West End of London. I was so pleased that he bought it. he told me he wanted to pick it up in his Delorian Time machine(replica) but realised it wasn't road taxed!!! Now that would of been amazing!.

Jason sent me a pic of the Holotrope on his wall at home in Twickenham next to his Robots!

I have £2048 now to spend as my Budget for Level 12. I have decided to go multiple for this next level.

Ill be announcing the next level very soon so stay tuned!!

Orders of Magnitude Level 11


Sold £2048
30th April 2015

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