Saturday, 24 August 2013

LEVEL 7 - Infinite Possibilities


Budget £64

 I noticed a shop closing down in Gloucester Rd called the Bishopston Trading Company

This shop has an interesting history as it has been fair trading wth a village called K.V.Kuppam for 28 years. Since then the villagers have hand made clothes for the shop and with the money they have been able to give their children a proper education. The new generation have now moved on to new ventures and the BTC has completed its goal.

You can read all about it on there website...

They had a lot of stock going cheap so I bought a few bits and pieces.

I found this old display box under a shelf. It was £5 and I thought this would be perfect to put something inside and hang on a wall.

I took the box home and with my budget of £64 now £59 I went around Bristol gathering the things I needed for my Idea.

I went to a glazier and had a mirror fitted and mounted into the back of the box. £7

then  bought some mirrored film for car windows in an auto shop. £16
and finally I bought some LED Strip from Able Electrics on Gloucester Rd for £30

I laminated the box lid glass with the mirrored film. I got it right on my third attempt with out any creases.

I then drilled a hole in the side and wired in the led strip around the top edge of the bottom of the box. I found some old christmas chrome balls, I cut them in half and added them to the box.

The LEDs are remote controlled and when its turned on it creates a bright infinity mirror. Looks amazing for the money I spent. The LED strip fits perfectly and look really good as you can control colours and different types of effects. My favourite is the 'Smooth' button as this does a light chase that makes the central sphere look like its rotating as it reflects the spinning lights.

The box has 7 spheres to represent 7 levels of magnitude. The centre ball repeats more than the other balls, this is a mind bending effect.

Heres a link to a video on Vine...

I sign the side of the Box

'Orders of Magnitude
Level 7
24th August 2013
Stuart Warren-Hill'

'Infinite Possibilities'
For Sale £128


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