Friday, 9 August 2013

LEVEL 6 - Pete's Purchase

I woke this morning to quite a few enquiries about the picture. I had decided to take the picture with me this weekend to Suffolk where I would see if any friends would want it.

(So far the hardest part of this project is to decide who of all the people who contact me to sell to. cant be a bad thing I guess? :) First come first served seems best)

Pete a friend in Bristol asked to buy it I said he can if he gets to my house before I leave at lunchtime.. " will it fit on my bicycle trailer?" he asks. I reply that it would certainly be a good photo opportunity but its probably best I drop it round.

I went to Pete's with the picture and my 3D camera.

Pete pays me £64 for the picture
Thank you!

Pete is very happy with his purchase and he thinks he got a bargain. I tell him he will get a VIP ticket to the party and exhibition if I complete the challenge.

Im now en route to Suffolk for the weekend. I have the £64 in my pocket I wonder if I find anything to inspire?

Will see.....

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