Thursday, 8 August 2013

LEVEL 6 - Anaglyph Sky Rings

Level 6  Budget £32

I was very pleased with Level 5 and came away from Cornwall with a good feeling in my belly. Maybe it was all the cornish pasties and surprisingly excellent cider down there.  
Marcus 'Level 1' got in touch after reading the Level 5 blog and told me he was setting up a direct debit to the Monkey Sanctuary. I thought this was amazing and told him it made my day.  I got a bit choked up about this point I have to admit. 

Last weekend I had to make a trip to London do an errand for my father. while in North London I passed Southgate auctions and noted that the auction began at 2pm on the Monday. 

 Monday lunchtime I headed down there to see what they had. I got there early and hoped I might see something that would inspire me.

My mind went into overdrive thinking of what i could do with some of these things.
The stuffed boss eyed fox eating a pheasant didn't inspire at all. I spent ages thinking of things I could do with the bust of Beethoven. Exploding head with illuminated lightbulb suspended above? 

Yeah great idea! 

Oh hang on, isn't that idea just turning what is a sculptural piece of art (signed 1915) into a crappy broken light fitting? 

Wedged behind the disturbing feather jawed fox was an empty large gilt frame. It looked old and on closer inspection had some damage and was not of great age.

After an hour the auction turned to beethoven. I decided not to bid. He sold for £30 quid: I felt that maybe I'd missed a trick. Then the gilt frame came up. Nobody wanted it and it was at £15. I put my hand up and offered a fiver. I heard chuckles around the room, I was politely told the minimum in the auction is £15. So I bought it anyway to the surprise of the auctioneer.

I eventually got it home and realised the connection between the James Turrel sculpture from level 5 and the oval of the frame.
Quite quickly I made an 3D anaglyph image that fitted the frame dimensions.

I stumbled upon a great framers and printers called Niche in Stokes Croft today. This place is well known by many artists in Bristol. Rupert was very helpful and we managed to print and mount the image within an hour. I will definitely be using them again for future levels.

The six rings represent six levels of magnitude and form a tunnel that reaches from deep within the frame and reaches out towards the viewer wearing 3D anaglyph glasses. The sky is in the distance and feels like you're looking through a window and that you could easily just jump into the picture.
As well as James Turrel, the image is inspired by one of my audio visual works called 'Pulse' which was an anaglyph video released on the Hexstatic 3D 'Master View' album 2005.

heres a link...

I sign the picture
'Orders Of Magnitude
Level 6
8th August 2013
Stuart Warren-Hill'

Anaglyph Sky Rings
3D Anaglyph Print in Large Gilt Frame

For Sale £64


I'm leaving for Suffolk today to visit various friends over the weekend.
Im taking the picture with me, maybe someone will want it?

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