Tuesday, 9 July 2013

LEVEL 4 - Out The Door!

I put the vase up for sale just as I went to bed. When I woke I checked my email and  I sold the vase straight away before getting up.

Nathan from Bristol came over this evening to pick it up.

I sign the vase...
'Orders Of Magnitude, 
Level 4
Stuart Warren-Hill
9th July 2013'

Nathan Pays £16

I tell him he is now entitled to a VIP ticket for the party and exhibition I am going to hold If I complete the challenge. I ask him to keep the vase for a year just in case.

Nathan leaves happy with his purchase,  I am happy because I have advanced to the next level.
This project is win win so far and Im loving it.

Nathan sends some pics of the vase in his home.

He says his wife isnt thst over the moon with his purchase and he may one day put it in storage.
I hope she grows to like it and that good things come to them.

I wonder how long his wife will stand it for? 

Level 5 now. Thats enough ceramics, Im going to do something different.

( I heard on the interweb grapespline that Nathans wife thinks its hideous. Thats cool I thought they were hideous too, then I broke one and sold it to her husband for 3 x times the price I paid for them. :) All good fun! )

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