Monday, 8 July 2013

LEVEL 4 - Credit Cruncher

Level 4, Budget £8 

 I took a walk down Gloucester Rd and thought I have a look in Credit Cruncher. Its not a Charity shop but a great place for cheap stuff. I had in mind to try and do something else from a vase as I could feel a need to have something new at each level. 

The shop is closing down on 27th July and is selling off its stock.

I had a look around, theres lots of stuff, strange plastic buddhas and skull lights,Pixie statues and goblin candle holders. You know the type of thing,  but these shops are great for DIY and cleaning stuff I suppose. 

Oh dear, two pastel blue beach design vases with gold trim....


At least they are larger than the last ones I suppose, so would be a nice progression.

£3.50 for a new vase? I mean thats great it fits in my budget but how can vases be made for such a cheap price. I wonder about who has made these and in what conditions and in what country.

The nice guy behind the counter likes the idea of my project and is happy to have his pic taken.
He also gives me 25% discount as they are closing down. Its a shame when any shop closes on Gloucester Rd as I feel the locals want to keep it the biggest and best  independent shopping street in the UK. I do hope a supermarket doesn't take its place, there are too many already.

I have to say Im really looking forward to getting the hammer to one of these pieces of crap!

I buy a can of orange spray paint with the extra cash.
Orange is the colour of the 1970s when I was growing up. Lots of household items seemed to be this colour or at least the plastic handles on them were. 

Sorry for doing another vase but remember I had 6 or more buyers for the black vase and a good motto in life is... 

"If it aint broke, dont fix it."


I stuck it all together again.

Im starting to think ahead and next time I'll do something different, things are going to get more and more interesting I feel. Im excited now.

Orders of Magnitude,
Level 4,

'Exploding Orange Vase'

Size H 33cm W 23cm



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