Wednesday, 3 July 2013

LEVEL 3 - Complete!

I was contacted by Nina and she told me she wanted the vase and that her husband Bruce would be in Bristol picking up a synth he bought near to where I live.

Bruce AKA 'Alucidnation' came round today and picked up the vase.

£8 you legend! 

(I placed an empty picture frame behind him for the pic. The reason for this will become apparent later on in the challenge)

I had 5 people offering to buy the vase, (its an interesting concept, destroying something and making it more valuable) one person said that I sold it too cheaply and would of given me more. I suppose I did sell it cheap but that's the name of the game innit. The project is throwing up some interesting questions about the value of creative works. Maybe some people wouldn't call this art. Im sure some people who are reading this are turning up their noses. Some people however will be on my wavelength and totally get it and are excited by what Im doing and what is coming next. To those people I salute you and I would love you to be involved. I need your help to make this happen.. 

Im interested in the process and I have started to realise that  the project as a whole is an artwork and everyone who is buying something is in fact crowd funding it and becoming a part of it.
Please feel free to leave comments of what you think of the idea and if you have any suggestions on how to spend money for the next level.

one cool thing that is happening is that people are offering to buy the next levels without knowing what it is. Im also letting the project get known by word of mouth. Im seeing that it is growing naturally for each level and Im not advertising it only linking on my personal facebook page so far. 

All the money so far has gone to charity via Marie Curie charity shop. :) (not much so far I know but its all good)


I just got a pic from Bruce, Nina is very happy with her new vase and sent a pic.

Thanks guys, 

Welcome to the O.O.M club!

now what the hell am I going to do with  £8 ? 

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