Monday, 1 July 2013

LEVEL 3 - Destroy & Enhance

I made another trip to the same shop with my £4 in hand. 

There were a pair of black vases larger than the previous ones and they cost £2 each.

I went to the counter and the nice young lady announced that it was her first day and she hadnt used the till before.
As if by magic the Master appeared to help her. I explained my project and said I needed a pic. The master said she didnt want her picture taken, I respected her wishes and I took a pic of the volunteer instead. As I left the I heard the master saying that that was unfortunate and not a good example for her first sale. I think  I got them both a little flustered. I made a quick exit saying "Sorry" "Thankyou"

 I might try another charity shop next time before they start getting fed up with me.

 At home I scrawled 'Orders of Magnitude' around one of the vases. I then destroyed it with a hammer. The vase exploded everywhere. Lots of pieces many too small to work with...

Im glad i wrote all over it because it helped piece it together again.

When I finished I decided to spray the whole thing black. it looks a lot better.

Im really happy with this piece, I want to keep it but I must sell it for £8

I sign the back 
'Orders of Magnitude
Level 3
Stuart Warren-Hill
1st July 2013'

Orders of Magnitude
Level 3

'Exploding Vase Black'

Spray Paint 
Adhesive Putty