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LEVEL 5 - Anaglyph Cornwall (via Moscow)

Level 5 Budget £16

Quite a lot has happened since Level 4. I have just got back from a 10 day holiday in Cornwall and before this I was lucky enough to be invited to do a 3D HOLOTRONICA performance at Midsummer Nights Dream Party outside Moscow in Russia. This was an amazing event as the audience were all dressed up in a forest fantasy theme and it was held in a forest by a lake in the grounds of an impressive mansion.

I flew out with 4000 pairs of polorised 3D glasses.

And a monkey mask...

I was very well looked after in Russia. 
This is Marina who was artist liason.

This is Tatiana who booked me for the show...

 The show went down really well, My new show is unique because I have invented a new type of screen that allows for large scale holographic effects 'Hologauze'. 
After my set they had a full blown UFO launch from an island in the middle of the lake and LED illuminated aliens launched off the island and came out on rafts towards the shore to a hypnotic soundscape blasting out with alien babbling drones. Trees all around the lake were video mapped and spotlights scanned the misty water's surface. I thought the whole spectacle was amazing. 

You can check out the UFO launch video here...

You have to really come to one of my shows to experience it in 3D.

I tried do something for level 5 in Moscow but  I didnt have any time to go shopping with my 807 Rubels (£16).

I think I spotted Edward Snowden in TGI Fridays in Moscow airport on the way home???

Im hoping that OOM will help me fund parts of the Holotronica project later on. I have been working on Holotronica for 5 Years now and will be releasing shortly. You will be able to pre-order the 3D Blu-Ray album through the website soon. 


 We arrived in St Just, Cornwall last thursday week. Staying with Jamie and Kate, and their twins Mari and Finch. Every year St Just have a street carnival called LAFROWDER. This was a wonderful event and I took some 3D photos with my Fuji W3 digital 3D camera. You will need to dig out your old anaglyph glasses (Red/Blue) for this level. You can see the 3D pics here...

After this I pitched an idea to Jamie..

The Pitch

I asked him if he had an old picture frame and I would get a print made of the kids holding the frame. I will then copy and paste the image in the frame so we get a repeating pattern that fits with the orders of magnitude theme. I will take the picture in 3D and make the image in anaglyph format.

Jamie had already expressed interest in the project and wanted to be a part of it. He agrees to the idea and I order two pairs of anaglyph glasses that arrive next day.

I took a pic of the Mari and Finch wearing the 3D glasses in the garden and created an anaglyph version on my laptop. I then created the tunnel effect in photoshop by copy and paste. Finch in particular was fascinated by the process and they both seemed to really like the idea.

I shot down to Penzance and found a place to do a Giclee print.

Cornwall Colour Bureau did a print within 2.5 hours and they told me these prints are guaranteed to last 200 years which I found impressive.

while I waited for this I went down the coast and discovered Tremenheere Sculpture Park. Jamie had already told me about this place and the work of James Turrel.
I found myself inside a white egg shaped chamber with a perfect eclipse hole in its roof. it was a perfect sunny day and the sky looked amazing through the aperture. I had the sculpture to myself and it was a zen experience. I took a 3D photo but couldnt get it all in frame.

maybe this could be inspiration for a future level? who knows...

I picked up the print and mounted it in the gilt frame. 

Next morning I signed the back 
'Orders Of Magnitude
Level 5
Stuart Warren-Hill'

Jamie pays £32 for the picture. Thankyou!

Jamie hangs the picture on the wall...

They all seem to love the picture, it's nice as it's personal to them. I may do this in future levels where I can incorporate buyers' faces into the artworks. Will see.

Thanks for a great week guys, Cornwall was fantastic and I'm so glad we managed to complete level 5.

Yesterday on the way home to Bristol, my girlfriend Lisa took us to a Monkey Sanctuary near Looe as she volunteered there 20 years ago. It was closed on Fridays but we went in anyway to see who was around. Luckily she met Rachel who remembered her and she gave us a special tour around the place. There are many monkeys here that have been rescued from the pet trade and have been rehabilitated. Its great to see them in such great surroundings in a beautiful place looking out to sea.

I feel like I'm in Brazil, is this really the UK?

I felt touched by the place and specially by Joey who enchanted us and who has had a particularly difficult early life.  You can watch the story of Joey here...

we wanted to do something to help as they need more support to keep running and expanding as they have reached capacity.  All I can do is tell people about the sanctuary on this blog who knows maybe OOM can help more on another level? 
We gave a modest donation to the Sanctuary by coincidence in line with the level 5 budget, please take a look at the website and I recommend a visit if you're down that way.

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