Monday, 24 June 2013

LEVEL 1 - Remixing and Cider drinking

I had to think of something to decorate the case. I took the image of the lady in the shop and decided to do a repeating image in photoshop as she is holding the CD case. This is also in line with the Order of Magnitude theme.

Yeah I thought this was good but maybe I should try make it funnier......

I know Ill add a pugs head that will do the trick!!!

I resized the image to fit the CD Case printed the image on photo paper and glued it on.
i found some clear wood varnish in the cupboard and slapped on a coat for protection.

I signed the back 'Order of Magnitude, Level 1
Stuart Warren-Hill 
22nd June 2013'

(I fear signing it has devalued it!)

Later on Saturday afternoon I drove down to Dorset for the annual Chilled Cider event at the fabulous Square and Compass pub in Worth Matravers. This is a great music event run by Pete Lawrence and an annual pilgrimage for many.

I had a great night and it was good to catch up with old pals. On Sunday morning I headed back to the pub from down the road where my camper van was parked up.

I took the CD case along and began to tell friends about the project. 
Straight away Marcus bought the CD case for £2

We had a pint to celebrate the completion of Level 1 of the Order of Magnitude Challenge.
I explained that he is now entitled to receive a VIP ticket to the amazing party Im going to throw on completion of the challenge, after all I will have a million pounds to play with. He found this very amusing!
I also informed him that he had just purchased a one off piece of signed original artwork and that if the project was a success his CD Case would be worth vast amounts of money possibly millions. Again his amusement was evident.
Others were looking on, I could tell that people were intrigued and a couple of people showed interest on the next piece of art and the chance of getting a bargain.
Later that evening when i got home Marcus sent me a text telling me he loved it and attached a picture of it hanging on his wall. He thinks it will be a real conversation piece when he has guests round. I think he's right.

Cheers Marcus, 
Level 1 complete in a weekend, it's a great start.

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