Thursday, 27 June 2013

LEVEL 2 - Smashing and Rehashing

The challenge is to spend the £2 made from the first level, enhance the purchase and sell for £4. Easy!
When I was in the charity shop buying for level 1 I noticed a pair of vases near to where I bought the CD case.

I think these vases are pretty poor and have probably been on the shelf for years.
They were £1.50 each. hmm too much. I took them to the counter and asked the young slightly edgy tattooed guy there if I could have them for £2. He obliged.
I told him briefly about the project and that I need to get a photo of him with the vases.
He said he would rather not, I respected this and took a pic from his neck down.
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Note: I think he was worried that his mates would see a photo of him online taking part in some insane art project holding two shite vases working in a charity shop because he hadn't told them he had been done for breaking the law and was doing community service when really he had told them he was in Ibiza having it large. well this is my theory anyway:)

Still no sign of the Master?

The Sacrifice

At home I decided to create an exploding vase effect by destroying one of the vases with a hammer 

After a few hours work I came up with this...

The nice thing is it's functional and can still be used as a vase.
The inner vase is supporting the smashed vase and Ive painted the inner vase black behind the broken bits to try create the illusion of the explosion.

I picked some roses from the garden to show the vase in use.

Oooooh lovely!

From behind!

Order of Magnitude
Level 2

'Exploding Vase'

Enamel Paint
Adhesive Putty



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