Sunday, 23 June 2013

LEVEL 1 - The First Purchase £1

I recently moved to the Bishopston area of Bristol and there are quite a few charity shops on Gloucester Rd .  The nearest charity shop to my home is the Marie Curie Cancer Care shop. Marie Curie looked after my mother Sheila during the difficult last few months of her life and were very caring and supportive to all of us. I have a lot of respect for the charity and I have made donations in the past.

On Friday 21st June I took a walk over to the shop with £1 in hand.....

As charity shops go this is a big one. 2 shops joined together. on the left clothes which I never go into only drop off my donated clothes and stuff. On the right is everything else and they get allsorts. theres always an old organ or piano for sale near the entrance.

I had a look in the far corner and I found a plain tin CD Case, Holds 10 CDs, How much is it?


The nice lady behind the counter let me take a photo of her with the CD Case. She said she was a volunteer and I should really talk to the Master.  I said dont worry just a quick pic for my art project. She said she hoped she wouldnt get any comeback........ I didnt ask her name. maybe one day we will find out?

Now I need to decide how to decorate this object and sell it to someone for £2 as a piece of Art....

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